Neurotherapy treatments (biofeedback and EEG-biofeedback)

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Richard Soutar

Richard Soutar - about referenced-EEG (rEEG) and its importance, Indianapolis , USA

How does rEEG work, Indianapolis , USA

Marco Congredo

Marco Congredo - about Open-Vibe technique, Indianapolis, USA

Open.Vibe - real time EEG Neurifeedback , Indianapolis, USA

Robert Thatcher

J. Peter Rosenfelt

Robert Thatcher - autism and EEG phase reset: a unified theory of deficient GABA, Indianapolis, USA

J. Peter Rosenfelt - using EEG & EP technique (P300 & P900) and their practical importance,Indianapolis, USA

Michael Linden

Michael Linden: neurofeedback in ASD, Indianapolis, USA

QEEG guided Neurofeedback in ASD (QEEG subtypes), Indianapolis, USA

Jonathan Walker

Alexis Meinhold

Jonathan Walker: coherence neurofeedback's rezults in autism, Indianapolis, USA

Alexis Meinhold: about neurofeedback's rezults in rehabilitation of traumatized children & youngs, Indianapolis, USA

Leslie Sherin: Conference Committee Chair, Indianapolis, USA

Gyorgy Buszaki: about rhythms of the brain, Indianapolis, USA

Stephan Elliott - about breathing resonance, Indianapolis, USA

Stephan Larsen: autistic child can be recovered ( 3 years case study), Indianapolis, USA

Nicholas Dogris: about autism cases recovered and their parents testimony, Indianapolis, USA

Len Ochs: about suppression map in LENS, Indianapolis, USA

Sky-walk view, Indianapolis, USA

Sky-walk view- Marriott Hotel, Indianapolis, USA

Indianapolis, USA

Indianapolis, USA





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